Make Your Music Make Money - Instant Download - Attack Magazine
Make Your Music Make Money - Attack Magazine
Make Your Music Make Money - Attack Magazine
Make Your Music Make Money - Attack Magazine
Make Your Music Make Money - Attack Magazine

Make Your Music Make Money - Instant Download - Attack Magazine

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Building a music career in the digital era

There’s never been a better time to make a living from music.

After decades of turmoil, the record industry is in recovery - and growing fast.

In Make Your Music Make Money, a brand new 238 page PDF (with instant download) book from Attack Magazine, we show you how, armed with nothing more than a laptop, some talent and a decent work ethic, you can write and record your music, create an international profile and access a worldwide sales infrastructure to make money and build a fanbase from day one. 

Make Your Money Make Music - Attack Magazine


Over nine chapters, packed with illustrations, we break down the jargon and offer the ultimate, bang-up-to-the-moment guide to turning ideas and passion into a brand and money-making enterprise. Our self-help style chapters, include:

  • The Music Business: Historic overview of how things were, how technology has always driven progress, and why we are where we are.
  • How Music Makes Money For You: Unravelling the complexities of royalties and detailing every income opportunity to exploit, from streaming and live shows to vinyl and branded T-shirts.
  • Your Brand: It’s not enough to just make great music. It has to be heard. We explain how to develop ‘Brand You’ and craft a captivating story that will generate followers, likes, and listens.
  • Spreading The Word: Engage with social media; write a press release; reach the tastemakers and follow our three month schedule for releasing a record. 
  • Taking Care Of Business: The hows and whys of accounting for a growing music enterprise. Tax returns, allowable expenses, VAT and how to stay out of trouble - all explained.
  • Your Team: What does a manager do? When will you need a lawyer? What does a plugger plug? And will you really need a book-keeper? Meet the musician’s dream team and learn what to expect from them.
  • The Record Deal: For many artists 'The Deal’ is the holy grail. But what kind of deal? When should you sign (and when should you not?). What are the benefits of choosing a major or an indie? And can you go it alone? No-nonsense insights from those who’ve trod the path to stardom.
  • The Publishing Deal: What a music publisher does, and why you will definitely need one as your career builds.

Guides to the music business proliferate. But Make Your Music Make Money is a unique self-help manual from an author who’s seen the industry from all angles - Top 10 artist; Music Week journalist; A&R man; songwriter; producer; and now mentor to the stars of tomorrow. 

Informed by dozens of interviews and case studies from professionals in all sectors of the music industry, and insights from, among others, Rick Rubin, Dr Dre, Mute Records’ Daniel Miller, Warner Chappell’s Guy Moot, Jonathan Dickins and Hypercolour’s Jamie Russell, we outline the State of the Musical Nation and advocate a hands-on approach to building a career.

Whether you’re a solo musician, a band, a producer or an industry entrepreneur; and whether you make dance, folk, indie or hip-hop, Make Your Music Make Money is likely to be the best investment a career-minded musician can make.

PDF, 238 pages.

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