Patch & Tweak With KORG
Patch & Tweak With KORG
Patch & Tweak With KORG
Patch & Tweak With KORG
Patch & Tweak With KORG
Patch & Tweak With KORG

Patch & Tweak With KORG


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Patch & Tweak with KORG


PATCH & TWEAK with KORG is an in-depth look at Korg’s diverse collection of patchable synthesizers – the MS-20 mini, ARP 2600 M, and volca modular, as well as the SQ-1 and SQ-64 sequencers and the NTS-2 Oscilloscope. 

The Book for Fans of KORG and Modular Synths

Explore the fascinating world of synths and electronic instruments with Patch & Tweak with KORG, a visually stunning hardcover book. This comprehensive guide delves into the rich history of Korg, from its beginnings to the present day, and showcases the iconic synthesizers and instruments that have made the brand a household name among synth enthusiasts.

Get an in-depth look at the semi-modular realm, discover the fundamental elements of analogue music, and learn valuable techniques and tricks for using Korg's synths and sequencers. The book also provides an overview of the history of ARP instruments, another legendary name in the synthesizer industry. Whether you're a seasoned synth player or just starting out, Patch & Tweak with KORG is a must-read for anyone interested in electronic music.

PATCH & TWEAK with KORG Features:

  • Packed with patching tips, and synthesis tricks 
  • 25+ interviews with artists and engineers
  • Foreword by legendary composer and musician Kitaro
  • 216 colourful pages printed on high-quality certified-ecofriendly paper
  • Hardcover format (9.8" x 9.8" / 25 x 25 cm)

Get stories, inspiration, and hands-on patch tips from 

Unlock the creativity and techniques of Pete Townshend, Jean-Michel Jarre, Richard Devine, Andrew Huang, Panic Girl, Legowelt, Red Means Recording, Maude Vôs, Kabuki, Moe Shop, Kristin Hsiao, TALsounds, Robby Stambler, ALOO, ChrisLody, Olga Prudey, On High Mountains, and Loopop. Meet the creative minds of Korg’s great history, from Fumio Mieda and Junichi Ikeuchi to Tatsuya Takahashi and the new generation of Korg engineers, as well as the keepers of the ARP legacy: Dina Pearlman, David Friend, and David Mash.

Hardcover, 216 pages