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Coalescence is one beast of a compact sampler for many different situations!

Coalescene By Dillon Bastan

Coalescence is a concatenative multi-sampler that uses machine learning (SOM neural network) to organize similar sample slices into clusters based on a chosen spectral feature.

Three playback modes take advantage of these clusters in various ways:

  • Point
  • Rings
  • Paths

Additionally, external audio input can be routed for modulations and to control what audio slices play based on its similarity.

All of these, combined with a robust modulation system, makes Coalescence one beast of a compact sampler for many different situations!

Comes with

  • The Max for Live device
  • User manual
  • 42 presets
  • 14 samples
  • Strange Mod modulator device (for one of the presets)

Version Info:

Works with Live 10 and up!


  • Supports dropping of multiple samples, individual or folders (up to 2000), for concatenative sampling. Each sample has individual parameters for pitch, volume, direction and transient sensitivity
  • Neural Network (SOM) that organizes sample slices based on a chosen spectral feature and visualizes them in a 2D circle
  • Three playback modes: