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Before Brexit, EU consumers were free to buy items from the UK without incurring import duties and other charges. That all changed on 1 January 2021.

Taxes now apply for anything over 22 Euros item price. This is an average and you may wish to check your your local laws here. Furthermore there is a duty to be paid on items produced outside the EU or the UK.  

This is not unique to Attack Magazine and is an ongoing new business concern for all stores both in the EU shipping to the UK and vice versa.

If you would like to read more we have shared some links below:

We hope that over time tariffs, duty and the cost of shipping will be reduced. In the meantime, EU customers please note that Attack is not liable for any costs incurred for our products to arrive in your country. 

We are hoping to open a distribution hub later in 2021 within the EU to circumnavigate these issues. We will keep our customers updated.

Please note shipments to all other regions are not affected.

Thank you,

Attack Magazine