DJs You Can Eat
DJs You Can Eat
DJs You Can Eat

DJs You Can Eat

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DJs You Can Eat 

How many puzzles for dance music are there? That's right - not many but fortunately this one exists and it makes the perfect gift for fans of dance music?

  • Edam Beyer?
  • The Blessed Madöner?
  • Eggy Gou?
  • Rich Tea Hawtin

Put the tunes on, gather round or get it out at the 8am after party. However you play it, it's a lot of fun.

Dimensions: 33.5cm x 26cm x 4.5cm  

Full list of featured DJs:
Chiplo, Whipped Skream, Appleonia, Avocado Villalobos, Floss From Friends, Pearson Sound, Smartienez Brothers, Ramen Flügel, Curry Chandler, Croute 94, Spamelie Lens, Fajita Yamaha, Nathan Cake, Cod Terje, Skrilleggs, Crisp Lorenzo, Kale of us, The Blessed Madöner, George Ritzgerald, Curd Janson, Denis Sultana, Doughnuto Dozzy, Edam Beyer, Eggy Gou, Axel Doughman, Falaffelstein, Haai Green Curry, Dahl Craig, Tartwork, Gui Burrito, Ben U.F.Pho, Hobnobjekt, Hot Mince 82, Squidland, James Subiela, John Halibut, Julio Mashmore, Marcel Crepeman, Mall Crab, Mango Le Tough, Craig Pilchards, Marco Granola, Maribou Steak, Maya Jane Coleslaw, Motor City Plum Ensemble, Almond Van Helden, Miguel Clambell, Moodynaan, Taco Osuna, Calvin Haggis, Mount Kimchi, A Pie Called Gerald, Gilles Pizzason, Joris Corn, Meatball Kalbrenner, Ricep, Rich Tea Hawtin, Pak Choi Slim, David Baguetta, Ryan Crossaint, Amèsan, Damian Lasagnarus, Call Souper, Beana Kraviz, Solemon, Twixon, Bisquelosure, Charlotte de Pitta, Jeremy Bunderground, James Flake, Roni Fries, Flanny Mac